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Alterations at Hello Addie


Hello Addie is now offering free alterations at our storefront in Baltimore! Why? Because we're all different, so why not have our clothes catered to our individual bodies? 

How the process works : 
1. If you find an article of clothing in-store that you like but doesn't fit quite right, a Hello Addie stylist will pin the article of clothing to your desired fit. 
2. Our Alterations Specialist, {Taylor the Tailor} will pick up your garment and have the alterations completed within 48 business hours. Please note that extensive alterations may take longer, however general fixes can be done fairly quickly. 
3. We'll call you when your garment is ready to be picked up again in store, it's that easy. 



Q. I purchased something from Hello Addie not realizing it could be altered, can I bring it in after it's been purchased to be altered? If so, is there a time limit as to how long it can be altered after the purchase date? 

     A. Yes! You can most definitely bring your garments in after the fact to be      altered. Make sure you have your e-receipt, and stop in during normal business hours, or call to schedule an appointment. We'll check your receipt, pin your garment, and move forward with the normal alterations process. There is no time limit as to when you are no longer eligible for free alterations. If you purchased an item from our store, we will alter it no matter what. 

Q. Do I need to make an appointment to have something altered? 

     A. Not at all! Stop by during normal business hours, and any of our stylists can assist you. 

Q. I had something altered, but it still didn't fit the way I had wanted. Can it be fixed for free, or will I have to pay at this point? 

     A. No worries babe, we will continue the process until we get it right! In most cases, things work out after the first round of alterations. However, if something is still too big, or too tight, etc. we will make any necessary adjustments for free. 

Q. I ordered something online, can it be altered for free? 

     A. If you can make it into our Baltimore storefront, we can alter it for you! Our store is located in Federal Hill, at 1126 S. Charles St. 

Q. Can I bring in items to be altered that are from other retailers? 

     A. We are more than happy to alter garments of yours from other retailers, however there will be a small fee to do so. Please find our general fee schedule below: 

     1. Small fixes: adding/fixing buttons or closures, small amounts of stitching, taking in/fixing dress straps ect. $5 
     2. Hemming is $10
     3. Take in/Let out $20 - $35 


If you have any questions at all, please reach out to our Lead Stylist, Alex at 


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