Spring and Summer Trends of 2018

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Women's Fashion Trends Spring and Summer 2018

Okay girls, we have a breakdown of our favorite style trends coming up in the Spring and Summer seasons of 2018. We've compiled a little list of patterns, materials, and the cuts that will fill your closet in the upcoming warm weather months. 

16th Century Trends Gone Modern 

Let's talk about eyelet - because we promise, you will be seeing eyelet everywhere... (Don't worry girl, we'll have your favorite eyelet pieces covered!) Eyelet is an adorable fabric that's had many limelight moments throughout history. It's been on trend, and off again but when it's been out of the spotlight has it ever really been "out of style"? 

Why We Love It:

  • It's style is delicate and timeless 
  • It's a much simpler take on the embroidery boho trend that we saw last Summer. (Don't worry, embroidery is still "in" too!)
  • The material is light and airy, which makes it perfect for warmer weather

The Polka Dot Craze 

    Polka Dots are a pattern that we have seen over and over again, but aren't they just so classic? As funny as it may be to some of you, polka dots are so on trend this year! You'll be seeing them against deep red materials, and dark blues this Summer. When done right, polka dots are classic and timeless. They give a fun and youthful feel to any look. 

    What are your thoughts on wearing polka dots?! 

    Raise your hand if you had these babies in your closet back in the 90's! YES, the Steve Madden Platform Mule. The slip on shoe with a heel, that was completely backless. They were absolutely everywhere! 


    Today, they are back in style - but completely restructured. I'm sure you've already seen this style, maybe you even have mules in your closet already, but they are slowly popping up everywhere. The mule style is the perfect way to wear a heel in a casual setting. Plus, they are so comfortable! 

    Have you seen our favorite mules from Coconuts by Matisse?

    Let's Wrap It Up 

    So haven't you noticed that the wrap style trend has totally taken off? You see it on dresses, you see it on tops - and we absolutely love this style for so many reasons. 

    1. The style is flattering on anyone as it accentuates the small of your waist
    2. The fit can be catered to any body type since the the wrap style closure determines how tight, or how loosely the item will fit
    3. Um, it's just cute - duh! 

    We have so many wrap style pieces coming your way soon, so stay tuned! 




    So there you have it babes, the trends of Spring and Summer we think you'll love in 2018! Keep an eye out, as we'll be sharing our take on each of these trends with you soon in the format of styling posts on the blog. 

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