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We view purchasing new clothing as an investment in your wardrobe. Why would you want to limit yourself to styling a new piece one way? Or wear the specific piece for only one season? In this post we're going to talk about a few ways you can style some simple pieces for Spring (Don't worry, we'll show you how to take each look into multiple seasons!). Prefer to see us style a few looks in video form? Check our new YouTube video discussing layering spring styles.  

So, What Will We Cover In this Post?

  • How to style a basic bodysuit 
  • Wearing 2 Piece sets multiple ways 
  • How to wear a statement jacket to tie your look together 

How to Style a Bodysuit 

Bodysuits - women either love em' or they hate em'. The truth is, they can be the perfect basic piece for a simple, styled look. Before we get started, let's let you in on a little secret. The KEY to liking bodysuits? Find ones that are comfortable; AKA not too tight. Okay now, that we've got that covered let's get started. 

So you're feeling like you want to be comfortable, but put together? To start, wear a simple bodysuit with your favorite mid rise, or high waisted jeans (or shorts depending on the weather). Now take that same outfit, and throw on a statement jacket. You've just taken your outfit to the next level my friend, and that's all it takes.

Not sure what a statement jacket is? Keep reading to learn more about them.

Here's an example:

How to Style a Bodysuit

1. We've taken our White Lace Up Bodysuit, and paired it with our favorite Skinny Jeans by Just Black Denim. Super casual, but still fashion forward and cute, right? 

 2. Okay, now we have the same bodysuit and jean combo, but we've thrown on our Outcast Bomber Jacket to spice things up a bit. What makes the Outcast Bomber Jacket a statement piece? It keeps the traditional bomber jacket style, but its length is unique. Our model in the picture is 5'3", and the hem falls below her knees. 

3. We've tied the entire look together with our best selling Cecilia Booties by Matisse Footwear. The outfit is completely different now. The jacket will be perfect on those chilly Spring days, but you can also re-introduce it to your wardrobe again this Fall. 


Okay so now you want to dress up the same bodysuit for Sunday brunch.Take a look at how we traded our jeans in for a cute skirt below. 

How to style a basic bodysuit

1. We decided to split up our Sweet Like Honey Two Piece Floral Set. The bodysuit/skirt combo gives a completely different style. 

2. If you're the girl that loves heels, pair this look with a strappy nude set (The Strappy Heel trend is super in this Spring!). If you're not a heel type of gal, basic white Keds would be adorable with this look.  

3. Alright, clearly we love a good statement jacket. Below we've thrown our Sideline Denim Jacket over top of the bodysuit to complete this style. What makes this jacket unique? Everyone loves a good jean jacket, but the lace up detail on each side of this one makes it all its own. We love the contrast of the edgy jacket, paired with the feminine floral pattern of the skirt. 

statement jackets for spring

piece together spring outfit

Two Piece Sets 

Two piece sets can be an amazing buy. Why? Because you actually get three outfits for the price of ONE.

  1. You have the option to wear the two piece set together as it comes. 
  2. Wear the top with a different bottom.
  3. Wear the bottom with a different top.
We've already given you an example of how you take the skirt from our Sweet Like Honey Floral Set and pair it with our White Lace Up Bodysuit. So how can you wear the top? The top is cropped, so our favorite thing to wear it with is a pair of high waisted jeans. 

    Spring Statement Jackets 

    We've already shown you two examples of how to style a Spring statement jacket. We've given you outfit ideas using both our Outcast Bomber Jacket, and the Sideline Denim Jacket. So, why invest in a good statement jacket this Spring? As Amanda Holstein author of Advice from a Twenty Something says, "I can throw it over my typical jeans and a t-shirt uniform and look put together without feeling overdressed." We couldn't agree with her more!

    Just to recap: 

    • Jackets will carry you through most seasons 
    • Wearing a statement jacket is a comfortable way to style a "basic" or casual look
    • Statement jackets allow you to embrace your inner lazy girl. Yup. The jacket speaks for the entire outfit, so why fret over what top to wear that day? 

    We've given you some basic tools to utilize when styling your own outfits this Spring. We've also shown you how to carry them into additional seasons. Now it's time to go play dress up with what's already in your closet (Or check out our New Arrivals to freshen things up). We hope you've found this post helpful. Remember you can email us, or connect via live chat with any questions! 



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